My Story

cropped-photo-dec-24-4-31-50-pm.jpgI’m a student of design and communication. A rough-and-tumble ragamuffin. A frequent sufferer of self-inflicted over complication. An avid admirer of lives well lived. An unrelenting sap and soft-hearted romantic. A lover of hearts wide open. And a widely varied mind.

This blog is where I track struggles and triumphs, getting them out of my mind and off my chest so that I can move on; it is also an effort to be more open, more honest about my thoughts and feelings, as terrifying as it is.

The words herein are a mix of thoughts and emotions, some of which are current, or at least recent, while others are pieces that I’ve written previously but had never shared — few, if any, indications will be made as to the timeline in which these events occurred. It’s much less about having a chronological tracking of my progress and just throwing my words out into the world.


6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. AH! Thank you, and I look forward to yours! I just read (and loved/understood/felt) “We Are All Just Humans”. You certainly have a way with words.

  2. Right back at you sista! When I read your stories I sometimes stop and just think, “I know EXACTLY what she’s feeling”. Wonderful, wonderful work!

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