5 Truths

Kait Mauro is one blogger I’ve followed for a while, and one I’ve greatly enjoyed for just as long. She recently shared an introductory / list post, Identity, as a way for her readers to come to know her in a brief, succinct fashion. I love lists and I love introductions, so naturally I was quite taken with the idea. A few days after posting Identity, she posted 5 True Things, a list of truths or, as she puts it: “5 things I’m learning lately”.

Being able to identify and define my truths as well as my life lessons has been a skill I’ve only just begun pursuing, but it’s one that I recognize as being invaluable to personal improvement.

So, with that, I suppose I’ll share my own 5 Truths / Things I Need to be Reminded of Constantly:

  1. Happiness isn’t going to happen if I’m not willing to make the declaration, take the risks, and chase it.
  2. As stressful as hurdles and struggles are when things already seem incredibly tenuous, recognize the value in the process, revel in the accomplishment — then get back to it.
  3. Being afraid is acceptable; letting that permanently  stop all forward momentum is not.
  4. Not everything will turn out “okay”, but I will be more than alright.
  5. Go slow and enjoy.

Be sure to check out Kait’s writing, photographs, and truths over at Don’t Flinch.


2 thoughts on “5 Truths

  1. pam stanek says:

    Coming from a quintessential list-maker, I am a real believer in them. To your first one about happiness, I have also learned I is important to actually “allow” happiness into my life. I know people who fight against it, I suppose because they’ve become comfy in their snug little cocoons of self-victimization. I admit I have little sympathy for them, but it’s something I’m working on. Empathy is not my strong suit

  2. Ah! So true. Allowing yourself to enjoy it when it does come about, by whatever process, is key 😉 Thank you for the reminder, Pam! I find that I also have issues feeling sympathetic when people aren’t willing to accept or acknowledge “the good” or “the happy” in their lives — I suppose I should work on that, too.

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