You saw me as one sees a figure through a one-way mirror, viewed through the reflection of your own likeness. Your multi-faceted image projected upon my own. Your fears, suddenly my own to overcome. You pushed your ideals and hopes over mine. You made your security the priority. There was no we to you. There was no us. You refused to step from your comfort zone to provide and assist and comfort.

You couldn’t see that unpredictability could be a good thing, that constantly seeking security could be holding you back.

It was you versus me. It was a battle to fulfill your requirements instead of working together to fulfill one another.

I doubt now if you ever understood me. If you ever really wanted me the way I was. Or if you saw me as a malleable novelty to be turned and worked and crafted.

I’m no doll, no blank to be reformed. I’m Kate.

Love me, understand me, but don’t try to impose yourself upon me.


What are your thoughts?

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