Unexpected You

We held each other atop the loveseat with arms wrapped around middles and legs woven overunderoverunder. Behind thin lids our dreams ran their course, our chests matched their rising falling, your heartbeat tucked beneath my cheek and my lips whispered against your neck — yet even in sleep, our limbs held tight.

When sleep danced through our bodies, we woke with weary eyes. Smiling against the harsh light as we reestablished our positions. You pulled me into you, fingers drew roundandaround on my back while I faded. With hand against whiskered cheek pressed my face into your neck. Too tired to drive and too safe to leave, we rose from the mess of pillows and limbs to totter toward the bed.

I sank in with warmth wrapped around my shoulders and the sound of rain falling hard above my head. I heard the soft rustle of clothes as they fell to the ground before you fell in beside me and cleared the hair from my face, rested your lips soft against my skin and whispered goodnight in the hollow of my cheek. My mind filled with the warmth and smell of your skin and the pitterpatter of the rain before it faded into one final thought:

I’ve missed this.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected You

  1. It really has been. There was a turning point in my mood and general outlook a few weeks ago and I just decided that I was done feeling bad/sad/sorry for myself, and then —lo and behold— I came across this incredibly kind, intelligent, beautiful smiling face.

    Amazing what a change in attitude can do to improve circumstances.

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