Walking Away

At the start, I fell for your soft eyes and your bright smile. I fell for your dry tone and quiet ways. I fell for your lack of hurry and purposeful actions. I fell for your logic and your conservative action. I fell for the fact that I was falling for you without falling into you, I was falling for my continued independence.

And it was good, great even, for a while — but the slow, intentional plodding that I’d fallen for began to feel like a glacial pace. Your reason and reservation became a chasm at my feet and with each of my stumbling steps I fell further from you, you lost patience and hope, and the chasm swallowed the ground beneath us.

Tumbling from your good graces, I realized something — the one thing that saved me: My desire to maintain and repair the ties between us, the ties you were so thoughtlessly cutting away, was losing to my desire to save me from this. Quite honestly, to save me from you. I’m letting go, I’m walking away.


What are your thoughts?

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