An End

“I just can’t be a part of this anymore.”

The words scooped and scraped at my insides. They raided the shoebox of happy memories I had buried deep within my chest. Swift and severe, lacking the necessary delicacy, they cut at the pieces of you that had blended into me. With greedy handfuls, you were torn from me to make sure no fragment was left behind.

Those words took my favorite things. They took the comforts, the quiet moments. They took the affections, the adventures. They took the hopes, the happiness. They left me lighter, less full. They strode off with armfuls of me and didn’t bother looking back.


5 thoughts on “An End

  1. Quite a number of feels, that combined with our Fault In Our Stars lady night tonight — I’m pretty much guaranteed tears. ❤ love you, my dear

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