The Wall

“I’ve hit a wall,” they say, “I can’t take it anymore.”

I hit walls on a daily basis, sometimes more than once each day. These walls tend to be smaller, temporary obstacles. It may be a matter of having exhausted my capacity for being in public and dealing with people, it may be a matter of having had my patience tried one too many times, or a matter of simply running out of energy. In most of these situations, I simply need to pull away and recharge.

Sometimes, the walls I hit are on a larger scale. Sometimes it may be calling an end to being mistreated by a close friend, it may be a much needed a few days break from my routine, or it may be that I’m done hitting walls so frequently. I’m tired of the overwhelming exhaustion and constant level of stress. Yes, I’ve chosen a busy life. Yes, I have elected to have a lot on my plate. Yes, I understand that this comes with a certain level of stress and exhaustion. But I’ve had enough. This isn’t sustainable for me. Someone else may be able to take my work load and run with it long term for no problem. For me, three years of working fulltime and going to school is all that I can take.

Something has got to give.


What are your thoughts?

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