Let Tumble

Love is a funny thing. When you’re young and you don’t know any better, it comes on quickly, wrapping you up in an overwhelming need for all things most immediately: their attention, their affection, their affirmation. The world outside of your relationship may even cease to exist.

Quite often, these relationships carry with them more passion than either party knows what to do with. These loves fall prey to co-dependency, selfishness, and short-sightedness. They can lead you with an overwhelming hopefulness, they can instil the belief that if you just continue to pour yourself into this over person that they’ll come around, that they’ll become all that you want, need, and deserve. At this stage, love tends to be overly idealistic.

When you’re young, you’ll likely fall into several loves quite hard and much too fast. These loves are wild and erratic; they often burn bright for short periods of time. They cause you to look past incompatibility, to look past doubts, and ignore your gut reactions. You jump in heart first and you ignore common sense to become roughly one half of an amorphous blob hereby to be known as “Us”. This thing started as two separate entities but the lines blur, the limbs fuse, and we begin to form one lumpy misshapen, unfulfilled “We”. You may not know how to make sense of your feelings. There will likely be a lack of sense and rational thought behind the gut wrenching feelings. There will seem to be no end to the flow of emotions and no lack of uncertainty as to how they should be addressed.

I’ve had a few loves, but maybe I’m younger than I feel. I have always and will continue to love big and fall fast. I’ll always want more; more time, more memories, more of you, more of us. I’m willing and quite eager to work on this, on us, to iron out the wrinkles, but please know this: I am a stubborn one. I’m set in my ways as much as you are set in yours. When we started this thing, you were oh so neatly pressed and I’d just managed to pick myself up off the floor, hopelessly creased. We’ll tend to our stains and wear patterns as needed, keeping in mind that they won’t all be vanished. You and I, we come with instructions:

“set to ‘intimate’, let tumble.”


What are your thoughts?

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