You Are Here

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the weird part of this — thing. You’re at the part where you want to be given access to the part of their mind that houses their greatest worries. You want to fill the bit of their heart that feels most incomplete. You want to ascribe value to every single piece of them that they feel is broken, inferior, or unworthy. And you hope beyond all measure to be the object of these desires in them.

This is the part where you’re struck by the inexplicable desire to make an itemized list of all the things you adore about them: their unique traits, their quirks, and the subtle nuances that kept you around at the start — but you can’t. When you feel compelled to document the whys, the words never quite make it to the surface. They sit there, bubbling beneath it, refusing to be identified; refusing to limit the scope of attraction and attachment by letting themselves be clearly labeled. But you know you do feel, regardless.

You’re drawn to the whole of them, despite the fact that they’re not an exact match for your ideas and expectations, they break your carefully created mold, they’re an option you had never previously recognized. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it. And that’s okay, it’s in your gut as much as it is in your heart.


What are your thoughts?

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