Reasons I Love Being Kate: Part Three

This is my third installment of my “100 Reasons I Love Being Kate”, the remaining portions will be posted over the next few weeks. You can begin at the beginning with Part One and Part Two, if you’d like.

41. I don’t worry about having a large number of friends. I have my people, and we fit.
42. I enjoy figuring out how to do things differently.
43. I love people, but sometimes I just need to get away and have time to myself.
44. I’m the Mama Bear / Carer in my group of friends.
45. I work hard so that when rest is needed I can do so without (much) guilt.
46. I’m slowly but surely learning how to live without letting my overly analytical brain take over.
47. I do things simply because I am able. Reckless? At time, yes. But it is incredibly freeing.
48. I love to share. I love to help. I love to nurture.
49. I bike out my frustrations. It’s much easier to let go of my worries while flying down a hill hands-free.
50. I don’t think the universe keeps track of rights and wrongs. I’m not owed anything.
51. I fall in love with the crinkled-eye smiles, the forehead kisses, and quiet car rides.
52. I have dreams/goals in all shapes and sizes, but the ones I favor are simple.
53. My motivation is not to be better than anyone else, it’s to be better than I was.
54. I prefer to be barefoot.
55. When life becomes too much, I pile my camera gear into the car and I chase the rain.
56. I’m no longer afraid to speak out, to stand up and defend myself.
57. I like lists, charts, and check-boxes.
58. I choose to have fewer friends so that I have more time to invest in them individually.
59. I’ve become quite good at doing my own thing.
60. I’m not for everyone, and that’s okay.

I think everyone needs a list, whether you compile the list on your own or as a collaboration with loved ones. Who doesn’t want 100 reasons of why things are going to be okay / why they’re awesome / why their loved / what makes them different?


4 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Being Kate: Part Three

  1. 50 really struck a chord with me. Love that you have kept this list going!! You have a lot of things on there that are making me smile 🙂

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