Reasons I Love Being Kate: Part Two

This is the second installment of my “100 Reasons I Love Being Kate”, the remaining portions will be posted over the next few weeks. You can begin at the beginning with Part One, if you’d like.

21. I don’t hate where I’ve been, but I know I don’t want to go back.
22. I’ve learned a secret: success is most valuable when you no longer feel the need to compare.
23. I usually know when to walk away. Maybe not at first, but eventually. And then I go.
24. Words have a way of wreaking the most beautiful havoc on me.
25. I’m strong, stubborn and courageous. I am a force to be reckoned with.
26. When I love someone, I strive to make it abundantly clear how much they mean to me.
27. Even when I say that I’m simply out of fucks to give — I still care.
28. I’m not afraid of disaster, I welcome the chance to rebuild.
29. I prefer to dance awkwardly, with much hip swishing, arm flailing and head shaking.
30. I’ve stumbled and wandered my way into many happy places.
31. I’ve been marked and scarred up, and I can still tell you about every adventure.
32. I adore my smile lines. I know I’ll love being wrinkled in the most sincere ways.
33. I take chances and risks.
34. I’m naturally quite sarcastic, but I give praise and love with the utmost sincerity.
35. I’m rarely content to stand still. I need progress and growth. I need to be improving.
36. —but sometimes, I’m most happy when I take moment to just be.
37. I’m more than happy to discuss and debate, but I refuse to raise my voice.
38. I can finally write honestly and share openly.
39. I wear my heart on my sleeve, there’s no worry of not knowing where we stand.
40. Even at my most hopeless, I’ve known that I’ll be okay — it was the only option.

When you decide to start a list, even if you only start with a few things, I’d love to read it, either post a link in the comments or link back to me so I can find you. Best of luck!


3 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Being Kate: Part Two

  1. This is absolutely awesome and made me smile throughout. I love seeing people comfortable in their own skin when the language of America seems to be deficit for some reason, and if you say something nice about yourself it makes you cocky and full of yourself. I don’t get it, we’re beautiful creatures and should be celebrated. Lovely words though 🙂

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