Reasons I Love Being Kate: Part One

Some days you need to remember why life is good and why you love yourself. This installment is the first part of “100 Reasons I Love Being Kate”, the remaining portions will be posted over the next few weeks. The idea came from a recent post over on Daile’s blog. It’s interesting to see commonalities in what people love about themselves.

1. I’m the only one of me.
2. When I’ve struggled and pushed myself, and things only get harder — I keep pushing.
3. My laugh is big, it’s honest, it’s not afraid to be exactly what it is.
4. I talk —a lot— and that encourages other people to share their stories.
5. I’m a heart wide open.
6. I enjoy inappropriate jokes and taking time to be foolish.
7. I know the value of taking time to be silent.
8. I’m slowly becoming better at letting go.
9. —and even more slowly becoming better at being patient.
10. It took 25 years, but I finally found the confidence to be me.
11. I’m looked after by some of the most loving and caring people in existence.
12. I’m honest. Impossibly, unbearably so at times.
13. I recharge by being outside, being soaked and filthy, being humbled by nature.
14. Even when the odds are against me, I’m no longer too afraid to jump when necessary.
15. I’m getting better at letting life happen when and how it will — Que sera, sera.
16. I have big feelings, and sometimes I fall into them so deeply and most completely.
17. Even when I feel like I’m moving backward, I know I’m learning how to do it better next time.
18. I’m not afraid to concede, to admit when I’m wrong.
19. I’m a beautiful mix of subtle simplicity and chaotic complexity.
20. I’m much happier living among my flaws than I ever was when I tried to be perfect.

It takes some time, I’ve only come up with 40 of my 100 list items, but it’s a worthwhile project to take on. My list lives as my desktop image on my laptop, for when I find myself in a funk and need a reminder once again than I’m okay, that things will be okay.


16 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Being Kate: Part One

  1. Wow wow wow – I could have written all 20 of these things. I’m so glad my post gave you some inspiration and I have a feeling we are VERY similar!! I look forward to reading more 🙂

  2. I do actually 🙂 because I got a positive response but also because I think people struggle with the idea of being able to come up with 100 things. So I can share how ridiculous some of my things are!!

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  5. Those are some of my absolute favorite things about myself! In fact, I’m currently up in the mountains at a remote bar and grill to work with my best friend while we watch the rain fall in the woods just outside the window. Loving the quiet of everything out here to a ridiculous degree 🙂

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