Life of Best Fit

I want adventures that begin simply and give me a chance to vanish.
I want to escape without over-planning or over-thinking my departure.
I want to disappear into my own cavernous chest. I want to be honest.
I want to disappear into you. I want to curl against your warm frame.
I want to melt into us. I want to be one half of a solid, dependable team.
I want a life that’s far from easy, one where success isn’t guaranteed.
I want to be pushed and pulled apart, I want to grow and be molded.
I want to do what I know is right without the needing to be told and
I want challenges and trials to test my limitations. I want to work for it.
I want to crash and burn in a fiery spectacle, I want it all to go to hell.
I welcome the disaster, the chance to reassemble. I want to reimagine.

I want the life of best fit — which, at times, won’t fit at all. But that’s okay.


What are your thoughts?

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