Belonging to the Sea

The man looked out upon the sea
He knew it as it knew him
As he waded out, far past the knee
He felt a rise from deep within
The fix of his long-been drying out
Throughout his days ashore
A long and trying, sorrowful bout
Of consoling hearts forlorn
Now there, contained within his chest
A desert vast and wide
As he crumbles, cracks and turns to dust
All joy he’s known is dried
This constant press from all directions
Such slow and careful rolling
Provided him long-sought correction
The holding up, the lulling
Carefully lapping ’round his insides
Rinsing off those tired walls
As the sea that filled him now resides
All weary from him falls
Having returned to his beloved sea
The man, he turns to leave
Feeling, at once wholly light and free
He walks once more into the grief

What are your thoughts?

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