26 Before 26

Last year, toward the end of October, I wrote up the following list of the things I wanted to gain from the following year:

  1. I want to concentrate on being happy instead of dwelling on the negative. Most days, I do alright, but I do occasionally find myself stuck dwelling on things I should just let go
  2. Find good people to surround myself with. I hit the best friend lottery. I have two of THE most amazing best friends to keep me in line and keep me laughing.
  3. To worry less about what people think about me. Done and done.
  4. To know myself better. I’ve done so much self exploration in that last year, I still have a lot to learn, but I can VERY safely say I know myself better than I ever have before.
  5. To get out and take more photos. I do this when the mood strikes, because I feel like I am required to do so.
  6. To redefine my sense of normal. “Normal” has little to no meaning for me anymore — and this is how I like it.
  7. To be healthier. Again, I still have a ways to go, but I’m better than I’ve been in years.
  8. To be a better friend. I hope I’ve done as well as has been done for me.
  9. To work harder. I keep trying to push myself harder.
  10. To continue doing well with school. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming…
  11. To make decisions. To just DO shit. STOP overthinking!
  12. To plan less. Again, STOP OVERTHINKING!
  13. To think less — about most everything. AND ONE MORE TIME, IN CASE IT DIDN’T HIT HOME: STOP OVERTHINKING!
  14. To write more. Done and done.
  15. To write consistently. Meh, it could be better but I do alright.
  16. To be a better communicator. Working on it.
  17. To put myself outside of my comfort zone more often. Karaoke? Reading poetry aloud to a large audience? Starting a blog?? Yeah, I do this from time to time.
  18. To take time to relax. Every once in a while…
  19. To be less lazy. Much better than I’ve been in years past.
  20. To get decent sleep. I’m not convinced that this will ever really be attainable.
  21. To get more fresh air, to walk more, to get to know my new neighborhood. Oh yeah.
  22. To maybe buy a bike (?). You betchya! LOVE my little Univega!
  23. To grow and mature and to find my happiness, once again. Growth is definitely a thing. Maturity? Meh, I have better things to do with my time than be super serious (halfway joking — okay, maybe less). Finding my happiness, I’ve definitely found things that make me happy, but I’m still keepin’ an eye out.

I have grown so much in the last year. It’s been insane. I can pretty safely say that the only thing on this list that I didn’t really meet was the “get decent sleep” line item…but really, I’m still here, so I must doing too bad.

This got me thinking about starting another list of things to do/work on/learn before my next birthday and, as is popular in Blogland, I created a ’26 before 26′ list. In other words, 26 goals to check off before my 26th birthday. So, here are my 26:

  1. Pay off the last of your non-school related debt, then work on student loans.
  2. Continue minimizing your need to drive. (Maybe move?)
  3. Write 200+ blog posts. (So far, I have 25+ posted or scheduled to be posted)
  4. Get that first (and second and third) tattoo you’ve been dreaming of.
  5. Travel outside the US, or be damn near close to doing so.
  6. Get into a situation where you can actually afford to put money in savings!
  7. Sing more karaoke. (yay for being outside my comfort zone!)
  8. Take yourself on more dates! Yeah, ALONE!
  9. Pack Levi and Kathleen in a car and take a roadtrip!
  10. Get back to running. (without breaking my leg(s) — again)
  11. Go gluten free (for real, this time) for a month.
  12. Go vegetarian for a month, (no more pork-bacon beef-burgers?!)
  13. Go vegan for a month. (at this point, I might die — seriously)
  14. See 6+ live music shows.
  15. Go for a multi-day hike.
  16. Swim (not just stand) in the ocean.
  17. Join a gym / go back to Barre3 classes.
  18. Read 12+ books.
  19. Find more clarity on what I do want.
  20. Stop jumping to conclusions and making rash decisions.
  21. Be much less of an impulsive shopper.
  22. Hide at least 12 pieces of writing around the city.
  23. Be more open and honest.
  24. Be a better friend.
  25. Spend more time outside.
  26. Find a renewed motivation to do well in school. (You’re slipping!)

Here’s to another year!


One thought on “26 Before 26

  1. chester pepper says:

    i think that i will make my own list. and just sang girl. no need to wait for people to see you
    do it

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